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Your future can change with a single court case. Whether or not you've committed the crime of which you're accused, you need reliable representation to protect your rights. Alonzo P. Jackson Jr. Attorney at Law takes on a variety of criminal defense cases in Shreveport, LA. You can trust our drug crime and DUI defense attorney for steadfast support and aggressive representation.

You don't have to fight criminal charges alone. Tell our drug crime defense attorney about your case now.

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While mainly known as a drug crime defense attorney, Alonzo P. Jackson Jr. also handles cases involving:

DWIs and DUIs
Domestic violence
Assault and battery
Protective orders

From misdemeanors to felonies, he can represent you through them all. Attorney Jackson also handles some expungement cases. He's dedicated to helping you move on and secure a better future. If you need an expungement or DUI defense attorney in Shreveport, LA, hire attorney Jackson today.