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Handling complicated legal situations on your own isn't easy. That's because the law is complicated and nuanced. If you're in a bind, you need the proper legal counsel to come out on top.

Alonzo P. Jackson Jr. Attorney at Law is a trusted local law firm in Shreveport, LA. Clients come to us for advice and representation during civil litigation, personal injury and criminal defense cases. You're in capable hands when you work with attorney Jackson.

Supporting clients no matter what

Attorney Jackson wears many hats in the legal field. You can turn to him when you need a:

DUI and DWI defense attorney
Domestic violence defense attorney
Drug crime defense attorney
Wrongful death attorney
Personal injury attorney
Business formation attorney
Contract dispute attorney

Ask a criminal defense and car accident lawyer for legal advice now by calling 318-779-1587. Initial consultations are free for auto accident cases.

Experience, Integrity, and Success

Professional support available any time

Our local law firm was established in 2017 with the goal of supporting the Shreveport, LA community by providing sound legal services. Whether you need an auto accident or criminal defense attorney, you'll receive the proper support from Alonzo Jackson.

With over five years of experience, he knows the ins and outs of personal injury and criminal defense law. What truly makes him stand out is his compassion and dedication. Attorney Jackson tries to put himself in the shoes of every client so he can better meet their needs. You can call him 24/7 for support. If he doesn't answer, he'll call you back the same day.

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